Lockwood Brand Manifesto

When it comes to safety it’s primal, it’s our survival, a basic human need.

We want freedom to live, explore and rest without fear. To leave behind in safety our precious, cherished and most valuable things. And to come back to them exactly as we left them.

For as long as we have valuables, we will always need protection. Though the need for our products is driven by concerns, the Belief in our Brand is propelled by confidence. An unquestioned confidence in our ability to protect what is most important to you.

Our products provide peace of mind through strength, substance and style.

Our reputation is forged in traditions, supreme workmanship, uncompromised values and above all our people. We are a trusted, tireless and vigilant guardian that protects families, households, trades and businesses.

Because if feeling safe is a basic human need, knowing you’re safe is why Lockwood exists. For over 75 years, our guiding principle is and will always be: To take the worry out of protecting what is valuable to you.

Lockwood: No Worries.