Safety first: blast door meets challenge

"The back-up support provided by the ASSA ABLOY team has been excellent.”

Geoff Rosich
Site Superintendent, Woodside, Karratha


Safety is very important in any manufacturing process, but especially when working with liquid gas. A test project to improve blast doors at Woodside’s processing plant in Western Australia has shown ASSA ABLOY has a solution for the toughest challenge.

Woodside, one of the region’s largest oil and gas exploration and production companies, has a large number of blast doors installed at its liquefied natural gas plant near Karratha to protect staff in the event of a leak or explosion.

ASSA ABLOY was called in when it was noticed the doors were not closing properly. Faulty hardware was identified as a cause, along with the use of products not suited to the environment.
By utilizing specialist expertise from among its Group companies, and after numerous site visits, ASSA ABLOY developed a customized hardware package suitable for the conditions. A trial involving the installation of this hardware on four of the plant’s 300 blast doors has shown that the solution works – every time.

Jason Winters, from ASSA ABLOY Australia, explains each blast door is 120cm wide and weighs more than 100kg. “The ABLOY DC270 cam action closer is designed to work with very heavy doors, and is more than capable of the job required. And with two closers under one cover, it provides an esthetically pleasing solution as well as a practical one.”

The solution is further enhanced with Technilock from effeff, which has a holding force of 2500kg, and is designed to release even if there is back pressure.

Winters says the acquisition earlier this year of Pyropanel – a leader in the Australian fire protection field – has enabled ASSA ABLOY to provide custom-made blast doors and fire doors to meet Woodside’s needs and fit all components prior to delivery, cutting installation time by six hours. 

Geoff Rosich, site superintendent, says: “So far, the electromechanisms and closers are performing well. We have had minimum teething problems with them and are now looking at introducing them on a needs basis throughout our operational areas. The back-up support provided by the ASSA ABLOY team has been excellent.”

This support includes keeping two complete door packages at ASSA ABLOY’s Perth branch to ensure quick delivery to the remote gas facility as required.


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