Hinge Adjusted Weight Calculator

Select suitable hinges based on door weight, width and closer type.

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Hinge Calculator

Lift Off Hinges – Right Hand (50kg)
LW10075RLSSS 100x75x2.5
Lift off Hinges – Left Hand (50kg)
LW10075LLSSS 100x75x2.5
Butt Hinges - Ball Bearing (60kg)
LW10000BBPSS 100x100x2.5
LW10000BBSSS 100x100x2.5
LW10000BBSC 100x100x2.5
LW10075BBPSS 100x75x2.5
LW10075BBSSS 100x75x2.5
LW10075BBSC 100x75x2.5
Butt Hinges – Fixed Pin (60kg)
LW10000FPPSS 100x100x2.5
LW10000FPSSS 100x100x2.5
LW10000FPSC 100x100x2.5
LW10075FPPSS 100x75x2.5
LW10075FPSC 100x75x2.5
LW10075FPSSS 100x75x2.5
Butt Hinges – Loose Pin (60kg)
LW10000LPPSS 100x100x2.5
LW10000LPSSS 100x100x2.5
LW10000LPSC 100x100x2.5
LW10075LPPSS 100x75x2.5
LW10075LPSSS 100x75x2.5
LW10075LPSC 100x75x2.5
Butt Hinges – Heavy Duty (70kg)
LW10000BBHDSS 100x100x3.0
Butt Hinges – Severe Duty (120kg)
LW10000SDSSS 100x100x3.0
LW10075SDSSS 100x75x3.0