Lockwood 670 Series Cam Locks

Lockwood 670 Series Cam Locks
Lockwood 670 Series Cam Locks
Lockwood 670 Series Cam Locks
Lockwood 670 Series Cam Locks
Lockwood 670 Series Cams
Lockwood 670 Series Cams

The Lockwood 670 is a high quality cam lock, using the traditional Lockwood pin-tumbler cylinder mechanism. It features 90 degree rotation of the barrel, with key withdrawal in the vertical position. The use of a pin-tumbler mechanism results in a strong, durable camlock, with a wide range of keying options, allowing you to incorporate cam locks into your building’s new or existing keying system.

Cam Lock Accessories

An extensive range of accessories is available to suit different fixing requirements. These include a range of locking cams, fixing plates and spacers.

Special Keying

The Lockwood 670 Cam Lock is available to suit standard Lockwood keying, Lockwood Twin™ and Generation Six™ restricted keying systems.

Typical Applications

  • Desk drawers
  • Storage units
  • Cupboards
  • Lockers
  • Tool boxes


Note: Cams are not supplied with the product. Due to the range of options, all cams are ordered separately.

Description Part Number
Standard Keying 670-20SC
Gen Six 670G6NTEMSC


Accessories (Packets of 10)

Description (Packets of 10) Part Number
Retainer Limiter CCT1670-14
Spring Washer CCT1670-15
Nut 22X1 CCT1670-16
Nut 11X1 CCT1670-17
Nail Plate CCT1670-18
Fixing Plate Vertical CCT1670-19
Fixing Plate Horizontal CCT1670-20
Cylinder Ring - SC CCT1670-21
5mm Camlock Spacer - SC CCT1670-22
10mm Camlock Spacer - SC CCT1670-23
15mm Camlock Spacer - SC CCT1670-24


Description (Packets of 10) Part Number
22mm Flat Cam H/Locking CT670/01
22mm Flat Cam V/Locking CT670/02
30.5mm Flat Cam V/Locking CT670/16
30.5mm Flat Cam H/Locking CT670/17
38mm Flat Cam H/Locking CT670/05
38mm Flat Cam V/Locking CT670/06
55mm Flat Cam H/Locking CT670/71
55mm Flat Cam V/Locking CT670/80
50mm Hook Cam H/Locking CT670/84
38mm Hook Cam H/Locking CT670/69
28 x 13mm Step Cam H/Locking CT670/75
41 x 6.5mm Step Cam V/Locking CT670/491498
38 x 3mm Step Cam H/Locking CT670/109

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