Lockwood 5831 Series Low Energy Operator


As one of the world’s only regenerative power door operators, the Lockwood 5831 Series Low Energy Operator has the ability to reduce energy consumption by as much as 100 percent versus other comparable operators. Available in wireless and plug-in versions and able to fit in the tightest of spaces, the 5831 Series is simple to install and use.

Simple Installation

  • Mounts on door
  • No voltage / low voltage power to opening
  • Includes stainless steel, weatherized RF push buttons
  • Patented Auto-Tune ensures safety & compliance


  • Non-handed
  • Push and pull side mounting
  • Adjustable open/closing force
  • Controls doors up to 48” wide & 250 lbs
  • Functions like ordinary door closer when used manually


  • Grade 1 - heavy-duty, commercial design
  • Protection from high-wind & abusive environments
  • Built-in battery backup allows use during power failure
  • Brushless DC motor/gearbox tested 10+ million cycles
  • Power Close ensures consistent door latching


  • Regenerative drive or continuous duty operation
  • 95° max. door opening
  • Pull Side Conversion Kit optional
  • Push-and-Go (ADA1015T/24V Kit must be connected)
  • Power Close (ADA1015T/24V Kit must be connected)
  • Radio Frequency stainless steel push buttons
  • Integral RF receiver
  • Shock absorbing arm
  • 24 VDC input port
  • ADA1015T/24V hardware kit
  • Built-in ON/OFF Switch
  • Auxiliary activation input port
  • Maximum door width 1200mm
  • Maximum door weight 110kg
  • Patented Auto-Tune feature ensures safety and compliance


  • Complies to meet the requirements for the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility


Part numbers
Part Numbers

Kits and Accessories

Description Part Number Barcode
Low Energy Operator 5831AUxNPB 9340116109497
24VDC Hard Wire Kit ADA1015T/24V 9340116104775
Pull Side Conversion Kit ADA1021 9340116109510
Wireless Interface Module ADA1028W 9340116063812
Touchless WTO Switch ADA700 9340116109527

Spare Parts

Description Part Number Barcode
Door Arm Assembly ADA1001 9340116117737
Mounting Hardware Pack ADA1009 9340116117744
Mounting Bracket with Covers ADA1006 9340116117751
Operator Body ADA1010P 9340116117768
Battery Assembly ADA1007P 9340116117775
Operator Cover ADA1002 9340116117782
How It Works

How does the 5831 Series work without electrical power? 

The 5831 Series is an extreme duty, low energy door opener designed for moderate to high traffic manual opening applications that occasionally requires powered operation. A regenerative drive system charges an onboard battery pack eliminating the need for electrical power. 

The 5831 Series should be applied to doors using our 80/25 guideline. Apply 5831 Series to a door that gets approximately 80 manual cycles or more per day and is used 25% or less automatically.

When applied using the 80/25 guideline the this operator will self-generate all the power it needs to keep its field replaceable, onboard, battery pack charged for up to 12 years and in some cases longer. 

A fully charged battery has the capability to open a door up to 2000 times in a row, generously allowing for periodic fluctuations from 80/25 guidelines with little impact on the product’s overall usability. Example: 30% automatic use for one day is not a problem, as long as that level of automatic use is not sustained. 

The 5831 Series can be used outside of the 80/25 parameters. Simply plug the unit into a common 110 VAC electrical outlet using our ADA1015P Hardwire Kit option. The Hardwire Kit is a low voltage plug in transformer and can be added to existing installed field units.


How does the 5831 Series SDO work without electrical power?
The 5831 Series is intended for manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic operation. This applies to a door that gets approximately 80 manual cycles or more per day and is used 25% or less automatically. It has a Regenerative Power System that charges an onboard battery pack with each manual operation which eliminates the need to run electrical wire to the unit.

Has the 5831 Series been proven to save energy?
GreenCircle has certified 5831 Series to offer valuable energy savings as compared to similar operators: plug-in version 91% and wireless version 100% energy savings. GreenCircle is a leading, third-party certifier of sustainability claims.

How long will the battery last?
Battery life will depend on usage. When used in automatic mode 25% of the time or less, the 5831 Series will self-generate enough power to charge the battery pack for up to 12 years.

When the battery is fully charged, approximately how manyautomatic cycles will the operator allow?
The 5831 Series allows approximately 2000 automatic cycles without manual usage.

What if the application requires constant automatic operation?
Simply plug the 5831 Series into a common 240V electrical outlet using our ADA1015T/24V Hardwire Kit option.

What is the maximum door width and door weight for this operator?
The maximum door width is 1200mm and door weight is 110kg.

What is the warranty on the 5831 Series low energy operator?
This operator has a limited 2-year warranty.

Is the 5831 Series handed?
Yes. Push Side supplied as standard (for Pull Side, a conversion are is required).

What types of devices can control the 5831 Series?
The 5831 Series is controlled by radio frequency push buttons. Two RF buttons are shipped standard with every unit. Using a Wireless Interface Module (WIM), the 5831 Series can also interface with wired or wireless push buttons, a wireless remote, an electric lock, fire alarm or access control panel, and an outside push button disable contact.

Does every 5831 Series operator come with a Wireless Interface Module?
The Wireless Interface Module (WIM) is a separate part, which can be ordered for use with any 5831 unit using part number ADA1020W.

Will this operator detect an obstruction during the opening cycle?
Yes. When an obstruction is detected, the internal motor shuts off allowing the door to close safely.

Can one push button activate two 5831 Series operators in a vestibule or double-door configuration?
Yes, this is a simple programming process that can be performed atthe time of installation. Up to 8 transmitters can be programmed into each 5831 operator.

What if the button is pressed while the door is locked?
The 5831 Series operator is internally protected to prevent damage whenever door travel is restricted.

Does this operator require the use of a stop to limit the travel of the door?
No, the 5831 Series does not require the use of an open stop device.

Can the 5831 Series be used externally and exposed to moisture?
No, this unit is not intended for external applications.

Where to buy?

Find your local Lockwood stockist.