Lockwood 2616EMC Electromechanical Hold-Open Device for Single Doors

The Lockwood 2616EMC is a small single door electromechanical hold open device system with a sliding arm. It is applicable for places, where fire doors are constantly kept open. The door is kept open at a selected angle. If fire breaks out, the door is closed, preventing smoke and flames from spreading.

Applications for 2616EMC include hotels, office buildings and other fire doors where hold open function is needed.

Major Features of the 2616EMC

Compact modern design to suit single door installations.

Flexibility In Installation

  • Easy to install on narrow frames (40mm)
  • One unit suits both push side or pull side
  • For Push side applications add FD2616-116SIL angle bracket

Fire Rated
The Lockwood 2616EMC Door Control System has been successfully fire tested up to 4 hours on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905.1:2005 - Part 1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

Door Sizes
Maximum door width 1400mm

Opening Angles
Maximum opening angle 130°

Single Door Function
The door is held open by hold-open device at the selected angle. When the power is switched off, e.g. when smoke detectors react to smoke, the door closes. Hold-open angle for active door can be adjusted from 70° to 130°. Power consumption 1 x 60 mA (24VDC).

Where to buy?

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