Lockwood FD480 Electromechanical Hold-Open Device for Single Doors

Lockwood FD480 Electromechanical Hold-Open Device for Single Door
Lockwood FD480 Electromechanical Hold-Open Device for Single Door

The FD480 is suitable for applications where fire doors are constantly kept open. Applications for the FD480 include hotels, office buildings and fire doors where hold open function is needed. The maximum door width is 1400 mm.

Fire door is held open by the FD480 at the selected angle. When power is switched off, e.g. when smoke detectors react to smoke, the door closes. The hold open angle for the door can be adjusted from 70° to 120°. Hold-open device has adjustable hold-open function. Current consumption 60 mA (24 VDC).

Major Features of the FD480

Compact modern design to suit both single and double door installations.

Fire Rated
The Lockwood FD480 Concealed Door Control Systems has been successfully fire tested up to 2 hours on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905.1:2005 - Part 1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

Flexibility In Installation
One unit suits both push side or pull side

Door Sizes

  • Single door applications minimum 350mm, maximum 1100mm
  • Minimum door thickness 40mm

Hold-Open Device

  • Easy to install with adjustable angles (70° to 120°)
  • Hold-open strength can be adjusted during the installation

Opening Angles
Maximum opening angle 120°

Power Size
Adjustable EN 1 - 4

Electrical Specifications
24VDV ± 15%. Low consumption:
max current 60mA per hold-open device

Where to buy?

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