Lockwood Entrance Handles

Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 147
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 147
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 151
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 141
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 192
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 142
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 231
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 143
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 145
Lockwood Entrance Handles - Handle 146

Lockwood Entrance Handles are constructed using the finest materials to incorporate the maximum standards in style, durability, finish and design.

Style and Variety
Combining fit for purpose with the epitome of style, the Lockwood Entrance Handles range represents a comprehensive collection of high quality back to back handles.

Nine designs, ranging from classic to contemporary, have been selected to complement the evolving style requirements of both residential and commercial markets.

Stainless Steel Construction
Constructed of 304 grade stainless steel, Lockwood Entrance Handles are suitable for use in external environments.

Available in Matt Black and Powder-Coated Options
Entrance handle series 141 Style and 143 Style X600mm are available in matt black and powder-coated finishes


Lockwood Entrance Handles are suitable for use on timber or aluminium frame as well as glass doors; making them the ideal choice for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Packaging For Various Doors
Each Lockwood Entrance Handle comes supplied with spigots to suit 10 - 12mm thick glass doors as well as aluminium and timber doors up to 50mm thick.

Fixing Surfaces

  • Timber
  • Aluminium
  • Glass

The Entrance Handles range includes

  • 141 Style Entrance Handle
  • 142 Style Entrance Handle
  • 143 Style Entrance Handle
  • 145 Style Entrance Handle
  • 146 Style Entrance Handle
  • 147 Style Entrance Handle
  • 151 Style Entrance Handle
  • 192 Style Entrance Handle
  • 231 Style Entrance Handle
Part numbers
Trade Pack
Description Part Number Barcode
141 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres Matt Black 141X600MBK  
141 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres Powder Coated 141X600PC 93-40116051390
143 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres Matt Black 143X600MBK 93-40116055145
143 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres Powder Coated 143X600PC 93-40116035239
141 Entrance Handle 300mm Centres 141X300SSS 93-11847-91074-4
141 Entrance Handle 450mm Centres 141X450SSS 93-11847-91075-1
141 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres 141X600SSS 93-11847-91076-8
142 Entrance Handle 300mm Centres 142X300SSS 93-11847-91077-5
142 Entrance Handle 450mm Centres 142X450SSS 93-11847-91078-2
142 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres 142X600SSS 93-11847-91079-9
143 Entrance Handle 300mm Centres 143X300SSS 93-11847-91084-3
143 Entrance Handle 450mm Centres 143X450SSS 93-11847-91085-0
143 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres 143X600SSS 93-11847-91086-7
145 Entrance Handle 225mm Centres 145X225SSS 93-11847-91081-2
145 Entrance Handle 375mm Centres 145X375SSS 93-11847-91082-9
145 Entrance Handle 525mm Centres 145X525SSS 93-11847-91083-6
146 Entrance Handle 450mm Centres 146X450SSS 93-11847-91092-8
146 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres 146X600SSS 93-11847-91091-1
147 Entrance Handle 450mm Centres 147X450SSS 93-11847-91093-5
151 Entrance Handle 300mm Centres 151X300SSS 93-11847-95156-3
192 Entrance Handle 450mm Centres 192X450SSS 93-11847-78055-2
192 Entrance Handle 600mm Centres 192X600SSS 93-11847-86173-2
231 Entrance Handle 300mm Centres 231X300SSS 93-11847-80555-2

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