Lockwood 63mm Velocity Series - Element Lever L3

Chrome Plate Finish - CP
Chrome Plate Finish - CP

Lockwood Velocity® Series 63mm Rose Door Handles offer home owners and builders a contemporary collection of levers on rose for use within a residential environment. Designed in Australia, the Velocity series encompasses the robust design and product quality that has become synonymous with Lockwood. An attractive yet unobtrusive rose design complemented with four modern lever designs. The Velocity Series captures the aesthetic tone of the residential market providing style whilst maintaining utilitarian desire.

With a design that transcends the basic functional and aesthetic requirements of residential hardware, the Velocity series sets a new benchmark in ease of installation. The Velocity Series includes passage sets for connecting doors, privacy sets for bathroom and toilet doors and dummy half sets for use on cupboard and wardrobe doors where a consistent styling is desired.

Velocity levers styles are common to the Lockwood Nexion and Lockwood Palladium ranges, facilitating a uniform design aesthetic throughout the home. It is also the perfect complement to the uncompromising Paradigm 005 deadbolt.


  • Passage
  • Privacy

Features of the Velocity Series Door Furniture

  • All fixings are concealed beneath a removable rose trim providing a crisp and clean presentation desired by the discerning home owner
  • A simple twist and tighten fixing method and lever set pre-assembly allows for super easy and super fast installation
  • Available in a choice of six lever designs and two finishes
  • The rose fits 50mm or 54mm diameter holes making it suitable for retrofit and common door preparations
  • Designed in Australia for the specific needs of the Australian market

Lever Dimensions

Length: 122mm
Projection: 54.5mm
Finger clearance: 47.5mm 

Rose Dimensions
63mm by 12.5mm

Installation Video
Step by step instructions to install your Lockwood Velocity Door Handles.


Super Fast Installation
Through the simple twist and tighten fixing action the Velocity Series turns the rhetoric of ease of installation into reality.

The frustration of fiddling with small parts or misplacing them during installation is a thing of the past as Velocity lever sets are supplied pre-assembled so there are no loose screws or spindles.

Screws align through the rose removing the need to locate them blind through the door. A twist and a quick tighten of screws and the levers are installed.

All Velocity levers and roses are made from solid zinc die-cast.

Passage sets are available both with and without a 60mm backset tubular latch.

Privacy sets are supplied with a 60mm backset privacy latch which includes an activating pin for the inside of the door and an external emergency release function. The latch is automatically released when the internal handle is operated and is easily adapted for both open in and open out applications.

All latches are supplied with industry standard "D" strikes.


  • Passage
  • Privacy

Door Thickness
Hinged doors 32mm to 45mm

Standard Finishes

  • Satin Chrome Pearl SP
  • Satin Chrome Brushed SC
  • Chrome Plate CP

Velocity Series Door Furniture levers include

  • Summit L1
  • Spire L2
  • Element L3
  • Glide L4
  • Hakea 28
  • Saltbush 34
Part numbers
Display Pack

Velocity - Passage Set with Element Lever

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome Pearl VEL1/L3SPDP 93-11847-99747-9
Chrome Plate VEL1/L3CPDP 93-11847-99751-6
Satin Chrome Brushed VEL1/L3SCDP 93-11847-12422-6


Velocity - Privacy Set with Element Lever

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome Pearl VEL2/L3SCPDP 93-11847-99758-5
Chrome Plate VEL2/L3CPDP 93-11847-99757-8
Satin Chrome Brushed VEL2/L3SCDP 93-11847-13102-6
Trade Pack

Velocity - Passage Set with Element Lever

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome Pearl VEL1/L3SP 93-11847-99768-4
Chrome Plate VEL1/L3CP 93-11847-99770-7
Satin Chrome Brushed VEL1/L3SC 93-11847-12442-4


Velocity - Passage Set with Element Lever (No Latch)

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome Pearl VEL1/L3NLSP 93-11847-99777-6
Chrome Plate VEL1/L3NLCP 93-11847-99780-6
Satin Chrome Brushed VEL1/L3NLSC 93-11847-12457-8


Velocity - Privacy Set with Element Lever

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome Pearl VEL2/L3SP 93-11847-99786-8
Chrome Plate VEL2/L3CP 93-11847-99785-1
Satin Chrome Brushed VEL2/L3SC 93-11847-12450-9


Velocity - Dummy Half Set with Element Lever

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome Pearl VEL3/L3SP 93-11847-99794-3
Chrome Plate VEL3/L3CP 93-11847-99793-6
Satin Chrome Brushed VEL3/L3SC 93-11847-12463-9

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