Lockwood Symmetry® Series - District Leverset

Lockwood Symmetry Series - District Leverset
Lockwood Symmetry Series - District Leverset
Lockwood Symmetry Series - District Leverset
Lockwood Symmetry Series - District Leverset

The Symmetry door furniture range offers builders, developers, specifiers and interior designers a wide selection of product that can be used in any residential application.

The Symmetry series is produced to meet the demanding quality and style requirements of the Australian market.

All products are tested in accordance with the security and durability requirements of the Australian Standards.

Symmetry Everbrass® Warranty
Lockwood Everbrass® product is coated both on the exterior and interior surfaces with a lifetime anti-tarnish finish. Lockwood warrants that Everbrass® branded product will not corrode, tarnish or discolour for a lifetime when properly installed and subject to no more than fair wear and tear.

Symmetry 5 Year Finish Guarantee
Lockwood guarantees to replace Symmetry product if within five years from the proven date of purchase it tarnishes, discolours or corrodes when properly installed and subject to no more than fair wear and tear.

The exclusive one cylinder assembly solution ‘OneCyl®’ has been designed for the entire Lockwood Symmetry Range, which grants the convenience of cylinder interchangeability.

  • Entrance, privacy, passage and dummy available
  • Trade pack only available

Easy to install. Supplied with detailed mounting instructions.

Tubular Latch

Suitable for left and right handed doors.

Key in Lever: Zinc Alloy
Chassis: Steel
Bolt head: Zinc

Horizontal mounting screw fixing.

Door Thickness
35 to 51mm for timber doors.

60 to 70mm adjustable latch standard.

13mm throw.

D-strike with anti-rattle tab as standard.

5 pin Lockwood C4 brass cylinder assembly (6 pin compatible).

Entrance, privacy, passage and dummy available.


Standard Keying

  • Supplied individually keyed with three keys per lock
  • 78,000 key combinations
  • Key blank KB2015P

Restricted Special Keying

Lockwood locks can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication, which can also include specially designed key systems such as master key systems, which allow for different evels of mechanical access control.

Lockwood Keying Platforms - more information


  • Everbrass EVB
  • Chrome Plate CP
  • Satin Chrome Brushed SC

Trade pack only available.


Part numbers
Trade Pack


Description Part Number Barcode
Entrance Set, Everbrass¨ (Lifetime Finish Warranty) 7540EVB 93-11847-78745-2
Entrance Set, Chrome Plate 7540CP 93-11847-78744-5
Entrance Set, Satin Chrome Plate 7540SC 93-11847-78746-9
Passage Set, Chrome Plate 7541CP 93-11847-78725-4
Passage Set, Polished Brass 7541PB 93-11847-78723-0
Passage Set, Satin Chrome Plate 7541SC 93-11847-78724-7
Privacy Set, Chrome Plate 7542CP 93-11847-78728-5
Privacy Set, Polished Brass 7542PB 93-11847-78726-1
Privacy Set, Satin Chrome Plate 7542SC 93-11847-78727-8


Left Handed Dummy

Description Part Number Barcode
Lh, Dummy, Chrome Plate 7545LCP 93-11847-78731-5
Lh, Dummy, Polished Brass 7545LPB 93-11847-78729-2
Lh, Dummy, Satin Chrome Plate 7545LSC 93-11847-78730-8


Right Handed Dummy

Description Part Number Barcode
Rh, Dummy, Chrome Plate 7545RCP 93-11847-78734-6
Rh, Dummy, Polished Brass 7545RPB 93-11847-78732-2
Rh, Dummy, Satin Chrome Plate 7545RSC 93-11847-78733-9


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