Lockwood Elevation Rain Sensor

Lockwood Elevation Rain Sensor
Lockwood Elevation Rain Sensor
Lockwood Elevation Rain Sensor
Lockwood Elevation Rain Sensor
Lockwood Elevation Network Adaptor
Lockwood Elevation Network Adaptor

The Lockwood Elevation® Rain Sensor has been specifically designed to work with the Elevation actuators and your touch screen display. Basic automatic “close all” function can be achieved or advanced functionality can be programmed.


Rain Sensors will be triggered by rain and automatically close the windows. Rain sensors can also be configured to re-open to original position when the rain has stopped. Rain sensors can be even further configured so that if rain comes from one particular direction i.e. east location only, windows in the east will close and the rest will remain open. The rain sensor also has the ability to differentiate between rain and dew with built in heating elements that dry up moisture build up.


  • Automatically close windows in the event of rain
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings Rain Sensor Features
  • Connect up to of four sensors per network
  • Visual rainfall indicator on keypad
  • Integrated heating elements to dry up dew or moisture
  • Smart re-open function
  • After rain has stopped “go to vent” function


Elevation Demonstration

Demonstration Video
Elevation can be configured to reflect the unique layout of any home or commercial building but primarily used to control windows that are hard-to-reach. Elevation caters for both awning and casement windows.

Elevation Installation Installation and Programming Video
This step by step video tutorial includes everything you need to know to install and program the Lockwood Elevation Window Control System.

Furniture body: Durable Acetal UV Stable.
Bracket: Stainless Steel 304

White (WH)

24-32 VDC

Standby Current 50mA
Operating Current 300mA

Environment Operational temperature range
0° to +60°C

90% @ 35°C

Cabling Loom

mm 60H x 50W x 16D

Part numbers
Trade Pack


Ordering Notes
A Network’s capacity is 32 devices, each of the below counts as 1 device. When planning ensure you have 32 devices or less.

Description Part Number
Elevation Rainsensor + NA EWAC-SRS


Spare Parts

Description Part Number
Elevation 1000 mA Power Supply EWAC-SPS1000
Elevation 1500 mA Power Supply EWAC-SPS1500


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