Lockwood Braille Signage

Lockwood Braille Signage is designed in Australia to meet and exceed requirements for Braille and tactile signage applications.

Each plate consists of embossed tactile design, English text and braille lettering. The embossed components use standard imagery and fonts to ensure vision impaired non-braille readers can decipher the sign. 

The Lockwood Braille Signage is 220mm x 170mm making them the ideal complement to Lockwood 200 Series and 202 Series Artefact Furniture. Sign corners and all embossed elements incorporate rounded corners to ensure a positive tactile experience.

Style and Variety
The Lockwood range of Braille and tactile signs are available in seven designs to suit a range of applications. Available designs are:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Unisex
  • Unisex Disabled Access Left Hand
  • Unisex Disabled Access Rght Hand
  • Female Ambulant
  • Male Ambulant

Lockwood Braille Signage is made from robust and durable ABS plastic enabling for single piece construction to resist picking and/or adhesive failure. This also provides a continuous, bleach resistant sign surface for ease of cleaning and subsequent improved hygiene.

Fixing Lockwood Braille Signage couldn't be easier as each plate is supplied with a single piece adhesive backing enabling simple "peel-off and stick" mounting. Signs should not be located on the door itself but rather on the wall adjacent to the door on the latch side, a minimum of 50mm from the frame. The tactile and Braille components of the signs should be positioned between 1200mm and 1600mm from the floor.

Lockwood Braille Signage is supplied with white tactile elements on a blue background allowing for luminous contrast.

Part numbers
Trade Pack

Braille Signage

Description Part Number
Braille Signage - Male Toilet BRS1700
Braille Signage - Female Toilet BRS1701
Braille Signage - Unisex Toilets BRS1703
Braille Signage - Unisex Disabled Access Left Hand BRS1706L
Braille Signage - Unisex Disabled Access Right Hand BRS1706R
Braille Signage - Female Ambulant Toilet BRS1707F
Braille Signage - Male Ambulant Toilet BRS1707M


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