Lockwood Coat Hooks

Convenient and handy, these hooks are made from zinc alloy castings.

They come individually display packed, complete with fixing screws.


Available in the following finishes

  • Chrome Plate (CP)
  • Satin Chrome (SC)

The Lockwood Hook range includes

  • L45 Hat & Coat Hook
  • L432 Door Bumper & Hook
  • L1310 Combined Hat & Coat Hook
  • L1320 Combined Hat & Coat Hook
  • L94 Robe Hook
  • L825 Robe Hook
Part numbers
Display Pack



Zinc Machine Cast Body with Screws

Description Part Number Barcode
Chrome Plate L1310CPDP 93-11847-12372-4
Satin Chrome Pearl L1310SPDP 93-11847-12374-8
Chrome Plate L1320CPDP 93-11847-12382-3
Satin Chrome Pearl L1320SPDP 93-11847-12384-7
Chrome Plate L432CPDP 93-11847-12362-5
Satin Chrome Pearl L432SPDP 93-11847-12364-9
Chrome Plate L45CPDP 93-11847-12352-6
Satin Chrome Pearl L45SPDP 93-11847-12354-0



Zinc Diecast

Description Part Number Barcode
Chrome Plate L825CPDP 93-11847-12412-7
Satin Chrome Pearl L825SPDP 93-11847-12414-1


Zinc Machine Cast with screws

Description Part Number Barcode
Chrome Plate L94CPDP 93-11847-12402-8
Satin Chrome Pearl L94SPDP 93-11847-12404-2


Where to buy?

Find your local Lockwood stockist.