Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch

Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch
Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch
Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch
Lockwood 002 Digital DX Deadlatch

The Lockwood Digital DX Locksets provide a mechanical method of keyless entry.

For extra security when under forced attack, the inbuilt clutching mechanism allows the outside knob to rotate without operating or damaging the lock.

The factory set 5 digit code is easily changed to any 4, 5 or 6 digit code using the code changing kit provided with each lock.

Lockwood Digital DX Locksets are designed to control access into commercial areas, especially when frequent combination changes are needed to maintain security.

As the digital lockset utilizes mechanical operation, electrical wiring is not required. Selected locksets combined with digital access pads provide keyless entry.


  • Suits right or left hand doors opening in
  • For outward opening doors or doors with metal frames, special 002 Digital DX Locks are available on application.

Features of the 002 Digital DX Deadlatch

Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn the knob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turn knob the code is automatically cancelled.

Opened by knob/lever at all times.


Door Thickness
32 to 45mm.

Internal Case Assembly
High purity zinc alloy, 92mm wide, 72mm high,
54mm projection.

18mm projection, stainless steel.


Hold-back Function
Bolt hold-back function activated by rotating inside knob/lever clockwise, past 90 degrees.

Standard Finishes

  • Satin Chrome Pearl SP


Part numbers
Trade Pack

Standard Finishes: Satin Chrome Brushed

Note: 002 Lock body is supplied in Satin Chrome Pearl finish

Part numbers below are right hand

Description Part Number
002 Digital Lockset, Knob Timber Frame Strike 002-1KDXSC
002 Digital Lockset, Knob Open Out Strike 002-4KDXSC
002 Digital Lockset, Lever Timber Frame Strike 002-1LDXSC
002 Digital Lockset, Lever Metal Frame Strike 002-3LDXSC
002 Digital Lockset, Lever Open Out Strike 002-4LDXSC




Part numbers below are right hand

Description Part Number
Keypad SPDX-50SC
Keypad Tumblers Red SPDX-42
Keypad Tumblers Blue SPDX-43
Digital Keypad Mounting Plate SPDX-520
Keypad Spindle 002/3572/3582 (Pk=5) SP10000-138ZP
002 Digital Accessory Pack SP10000-3219ZP
Mounting Screw Cup Washer (Pk=20) SP10000-107SC
DBL Keypad Mounting Screw M5 X 38mm (Pk=20) SP10000-108ZP
Adaptor Plate Screw M5 X 10.3mm (Pk=100) SP10000-134ZP
Display Pack


Mechanical Digital 002 Deadlatch - Keyless Lock (No Electrical Wiring Required)

Description Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome 002-1KDXSCDP 93-11847-78413-0


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