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ASSA ABLOY’s Lockwood CORTEX® is leading the evolution of Digital Door Locks. CORTEX® is a commercial grade Digital Lockset that offers a standalone electronic access solution that can also be easily integrated to existing systems.

Innovative locking coupled with the durability and quality that is synonymous with the Lockwood brand, certifies Cortex as the premium choice for intelligent locking.

Moreover, CORTEX® is the first Australian digital lockset to be fire rated for 530 latch and Lockwood mortice variants and always has free egress from the inside.

The Lockwood CORTEX® features ultra-smooth lever action provided by the ergonomic Lever: 77A. Compliant with AS1428.1-2009 (Disabled accessible complaint levers); CORTEX® has undergone severe vandal testing and has a strength rating of up to SL8.


Product Details
  CTX530 CTX3772 CTX5782
Finish SC SC SC
Backset 60mm 60mm 30mm
Lever 77A 77A 77A
Door Thickness 35-48mm 35-48mm 35-48mm
Body Material Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy
Override Cylinder No Yes Yes
Upgrade DX530 DX3572 DX5582
Fire Rating Yes Yes No
Lock Type

530 Tubular Latch






* CTX530 can be installed over standard plate furniture and will operate with 3772, 3572 mortice locks. (No Key override)

Standards and Compliance
 Fire Rating Successfully tested up to 2 hours on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905.1 2005 - Part1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.
 (Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2:1993). (Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2:1993).
(Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2:1993).  (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2:1993).
 Disabled Accessible Disabled Accessible. AS1428.1-2009 Lever
 Australian Electrical Regulatory Compliance Australian Electrical Regulatory Compliance
 European Electric Compliance European Electric Compliance

Features & Specifications

  • Easy Mode or Advance Mode function
  • Up to 40,000 operations battery life (Card)
  • Add/delete individual users with Master Code
  • 40 Card users and 20 PIN Code users
  • Cryptic Code function
  • Lockset includes 2 Access Cards (can add up to 40)
  • Dual Security Credential requires that two users are present to unlock the door. One user will have PIN Code and the other user will have the Card
  • Delayed Unlocked State allows the user extra time to open the door - ideal for elderly or disabled
  • Time & Date function allows preference for various Time & Date based features. This has full calendar support including leap year etc.
  • Visitor Code allows a PIN Code to be programmed for a certain date period
  • One Time PIN is designed to be used once and then automatically expires
  • Smart Battery Check function; allows users to check the battery level and ignores the false recovery condition of the batteries. This allows the user to accurately determine when a battery replacement is needed.
  • Dual Card format allows compatibility of 90% of the world’s access control systems. If your existing access control uses Mifare or iClass it can be programmed into CORTEX® with no effect to your existing system
  • Passage Mode allows the users to toggle between standard and passage mode as required
  • Timed Passage Mode allows users to keep door unlocked or locked for certain parts of the day

Special Features with Lockwood 3772 and 5782 Mortice Locks

  • Code Lockout or Privacy function: For use on Mortice versions only; usethe cylinder to lockout all electronic users*
  • Latch Holdback function: For use on Mortice versions only; use the cylinder to activate hold back function for high traffic doors that need to remain open for a part of the day**

*VCam required
**VCam required and activate holdback function under Mortice faceplate

Mechanical Features

  • Compliant with AS1428.1-2009 (Disabled accessible complaint levers)
  • Mechanical Key Code Lockout (Mortice version)
  • Holdback (Mortice version)
  • Key Override (Mortice version)

Electronic Technical Information

Battery Type 4 x AA Alkaline
RFID Format iClass & Mifare
Card Read Range <2cm
Battery Lifetime Card 40,000*
Battery Lifetime Keypad 18,000**
Operating Temperature -10ºC to 65ºC
Humidity >85% Non condensating
Approvals RCM, CE
Battery Emergency PINS Yes


Electronic Features
PIN Code Users 20
Card Users 40
Dual Credentials Yes
Set Date & Time Yes
Visitor Code Yes
Passage Mode Yes
Time based Passage Mode Yes
Battery % Check Yes
Smart Battery Low Check Yes
Volume Setting On / Off
Wrong Code Lock out 1 User
One Time PIN 1 User
Extended Timed User 1 User

* Estimate over a 12-18 month period
** 6 second unlock cycle time

Specification Statement

The lockset should have the ability to program time and date into thelock. Thus allowing various time based features; Timed passage mode and timed Visitor Code functions. The lockset should allow for Dual Security credential requires that two users are present to unlock the door with card and PIN.







Part numbers
Ordering Information
Part Number  Product Description


Part Number Product Description
Cortex® Technology

CORTEX® is powered by a fast, yet ultra-low power ARM CORTEX-M3 core processor. Compared to other digital locks on the market, CORTEX® offers a 20 per cent reduction in standby power consumption and 50 per cent reduction on operational usage. One set of batteries may give you upto 40,000 operations using the key card entry method.

The ultra-durable touch screen is embedded with touch sensors giving you real-time feedback in the form of subtle audible tones.These capacitive touch buttons have no moving parts so they can’t wear to reveal your secret PIN.

Underneath each button is an ultra-bright LED, ideal for high and low light conditions.

And finally on top of all this, lies a highly sensitive card reader for the users that prefer a fast access method- with a high security key card credential. The card reader functions onthe high security iClass card format or the ever popular Mifare format.

Cortex Functions

The Lockwood CORTEX® has been engineered for ease of use without compromising on the level of security provided. The unit’s advanced features include various levels of security from basic PIN code entry to advanced Dual (PIN + card) entry for ultra-high security applications. The lock function can be as basic or advanced as you need, if you need a simple one code entry it can be setup within 15 seconds. However if you wanted to program multiple users with different codes or allow a temporary visitor to enter, then the easy to follow, instructions will guide you through it. In addition, CORTEX® is programmable so that the lock can remain locked or unlocked for any given specified date or period of time (as decided by you).

The Lockwood CORTEX® is available in a range of form factors;

Including the popular 530 Latch option (non key override) and 60mm and 30mm backset variants.

You may also use the 530 version on a Mortice lockset and not use the override cylinder feature (Mortice accessory pack is required).

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