Lockwood Nexion Electronic Keyless Entry Lockset

Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset with L3 Lever Handle - Element
Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset with L3 Lever Handle - Element
Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset with L3 Lever Handle - Element
Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset with L3 Lever Handle - Element
Nexion Q-Key
Nexion Q-Key
L1 Lever Handle - Summit
L1 Lever Handle - Summit
L2 Lever Handle - Spire
L2 Lever Handle - Spire
L3 Lever Handle - Element
L3 Lever Handle - Element
L4 Lever Handle - Glide
L4 Lever Handle - Glide
28 Lever Handle - Hakea
28 Lever Handle - Hakea
34 Lever Handle - Saltbush
34 Lever Handle - Saltbush

This stylish lockset combines the security of an automatic deadlatch with added safety features, plus the convenience of keyless operation using the Q-Key remote control.

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard, the Lockwood Nexion Lockset range has set the benchmark for safety, security and style. The Nexion range of deadlatches offers the ultimate protection for your home and family.

Remote operation convenience

  • 3 meter range keyless operation with Q-Key remote control
  • Use same remote with multiple Nexion Keyless Entry Locksets
  • Up to 50 Q-Key remotes can be programmed
  • Provides audio and visual indication of lock activation and deactivation

Key override
Mechanical override key and low battery indicator system.

Australian standard
Conforms to Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 SL7D8C5K6

Safety features

  • SafetyRelease™ automatically unlocks the inside handle upon entry to minimise the risk of being locked in.
  • LockAlert® indicator shows lock status at a glance.

Quick installation

  • Suitable for inward and outward opening doors of a thickness between 35-45mm
  • Factory set for left hand opening doors, easily changed for right hand opening doors
  • Retrofits to standard 54mm bore hole with minimal door preparation

A Range of styles to suit your home
The Nexion Keyless Entry Lockset is available in a range of lever styles, allowing you to achieve a consistent style throughout your home.

The Nexion Deadlatch incorporates Lockwood's patented LockAlert status indicator that shows the Lockset mode at a glance. The lockset can operate in three modes:

Secure Mode
Red: Securely locked from both inside and outside.
For when nobody is home.

Safety Mode
Yellow: Securely locked from outside and free from inside.
Passage Mode
Green: Free from both inside and outside.

Automatically unlocks the inside handle upon entry to minimise the risk of being locked in.

Turn the key for safety mode.
Turn the key further to select secure mode.

Kinetic Defence®
Bump and pick resistant.
Fits majority of doors with 54mm hole with minimal door preparation.
2 Keys Included
Can be keyed alike to other Lockwood door locks.

High Purity Zinc alloy.

60mm standard and 70mm backset latch available as an accessory on some models.

13mm projection brass bolt.

Door thickness
Suitable for door thickness 35 to 45mm.

Internal and external, 5 pin tumbler mechanism with 6 pin capability, brass cylinders and brass barrels.

Australian standard
Conforms to Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 SL7D8C5K6.

4 x AA Alkaline batteries.

Standard Finishes

  • Satin Chrome SC
  • Satin Chrome Pearl SP
  • Chrome Plate CP


Part numbers
Display Pack

Nexion Keyless Lockset - Double Cylinder - Vision Plate

Finish Part Number Barcode
Satin Chrome NXV22/1L1SC 93-11847-20278-8
Satin Chrome Pearl NXV22/1L1SP 93-11847-98454-7
Chrome Plate NXV22/1L1CP 93-11847-98412-7
Satin Chrome NXV22/1L2SC 93-11847-18375-9
Satin Chrome Pearl NXV22/1L2SP 93-11847-98455-4
Chrome Plate NXV22/1L2CP 93-11847-98453-0
Satin Chrome NXV22/1L3SC 93-11847-21303-6
Satin Chrome Pearl NXV22/1L3SP 93-11847-98457-8
Chrome Plate NXV22/1L3CP 93-11847-98456-1
Satin Chrome NXV22/1L4SC 93-11847-18376-6
Satin Chrome Pearl NXV22/1L4SP 93-11847-98459-2
Chrome Plate NXV22/1L4CP 93-11847-98458-5
Satin Chrome NXV22/128SC 93-11847-01575-3
Satin Chrome Pearl NXV22/128SP 93-11847-01576-0
Chrome Plate NXV22/128CP 93-11847-00622-5
Satin Chrome NXV22/134SC 93-40116-00411-2
Satin Chrome Pearl NXV22/134SP 93-11847-11209-4
Chrome Plate NXV22/134CP 93-11847-08098-0

Nexion Accessories

Finish Part Number Barcode
Rebate Kit    
Satin Chrome NX8/20SC 93-11847-78159-7
Metal Frame Strike Kit    
Satin Chrome NX8/40SC 93-11847-78247-1
Latch with 60mm Backset    
Satin Chrome 530-12SC 93-11847-46374-5
Latch with 70mm Backset    
Satin Chrome Pearl 530-222SC 93-11847-46477-3

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