Lockwood AL Series Air Coupling Lock (Truck Lock)

Lockwood Truck Air Coupling Lock
Lockwood Truck Air Coupling Lock
Lockwood Truck Air Coupling Lock
Lockwood Truck Air Coupling Lock

The Lockwood Air Coupling Locks have been designed for the securing of Truck (Trailer) and industrial compressed air line applications. When attached to the air line this product provides security and safety.

Whereby the air brakes air line fitting is effectively sealed when the lock is attached, preventing connection to the opposing fitting. In the case of a trailer application this reduces the risk of the trailer being connected to a truck without authorisation.

In an industrial application the sealing of the air line can reduce the risk of an accidental connection of equipment when shut down for maintenance etc.

The Lockwood Air Coupling Lock range consists of two series, the AL Series and the TL series. The AL Series comes with an integrated cylinder that can be keyed to most restricted key systems while the TL Series is designed to be locked with a padlock.

The AL Series is available in two models to suit both the ½” NPT female air coupling and the ½” NPT male air coupling.

AL Series Features

  • Case hardened steel outer sleeve
  • Durable chrome plated finish
  • Spring loaded function, allowing for quick snap-on attachment to ½ inch male air coupling fittings
  • Integrated 6 pin inline (pre-loaded) cylinder included in bulk pack model
  • Compatible with restricted keying platforms
  • Models to suit ½” NPT female and the ½” NPT male air couplings

Inner Sleeve: Mild Steel
Outer Sleeve: Case hardened mild steel

Spring loaded function allowing for quick snap-on attachment to ½” air coupling fittings.

Chrome Plate (CP)

577 Synergy 3500 Series dual access lower cylinder.

Special Keying
Locks can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication and can also include specially designed keying systems such as master key systems. This allows for different levels of mechanical access control.

Rekeyable cylinder

Australian Standards
Conforms to AS4945-2000, airline fitting standard.

Air Coupling Types
Air Couplings come in different sizes, the AL Series is designed to work with ½ inch couplings;

½” NPT male coupling – AL Series 63

½” NPT female coupling - AL Series 81

Part Numbers
Part Number Description Coupling Type
AL1/2/63MM## AL Series 63 Air Coupling Lock ½” NPT male coupling

AL Series 81 Air Coupling Lock

½” NPT female coupling

## in part number is exchanged for keying type.

KD - Keyed to Differ (Standard C4 profile 6 pin)

KA - Keyed Alike (Standard C4 profile 6 pin)

6MK - Master Keyed (Standard C4 profile 6 pin)


AL Series 63

AL Series 81

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