Lockwood Hasp and Staple - Hinged

Lockwood Hinged Hasp and Staples are designed for general purpose security applications.


  • Double hinged design for added flexibility
  • High cut resistant hardened steel construction with strengthening ribs and rolled edges for added protection
  • Tamper resistant concealed fixing
  • All fasteners included
  • Security Rating: 6
  • Corrosion Rating: 3

The security rating was achieved using the fasteners supplied in the pack. The use of fasteners other than thoses supplied may effect the security of the product.

For the best results it is recommended that a Lockwood padlock with the same security rating as the accessory be selected.

When the padlock and accessory are combined the lower of the two respective ratings will apply.

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Hasp and Staple

Description Part Number Barcode
160MM Double Hinged Hasp and Staple PA/23/160/DP 93-11847-76394-4


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