Lockwood Solid Brass 110 Series Padlocks

The Lockwood Solid Brass 110 Series Padlocks are designed for barrier and deterrent level protection in applications such as school lockers and letter boxes.

Features of the 110 Series Handy Lock Padlocks

  • Solid brass case extrusion
  • Chrome plated hardened steel shackles
  • Self latching
  • Pin tumbler mechanisms
  • Single locking on 20mm and 25mm padlocks
  • Double locking on 30mm, 35mm and 40mm padlocks


  • For barrier and deterrent applications
  • Identity theft prevention on mailboxes
Part numbers
Display Pack


Description Part Number Barcode
20MM, 11MM shackle opening 110/20/111/DP 93-11847-74935-1
20MM, 11MM shackle opening, twin pack 110/20/111/2DP 93-11847-74936-8
20MM, 11MM shackle opening, quad pack 110/20/111/4DP 93-11847-74937-5
25MM, 15MM shackle opening 110/25/115/DP 93-11847-74939-9
25MM, 15MM shackle opening, twin pack 110/25/115/2DP 93-11847-74940-5
25MM, 15MM shackle opening, quad pack 110/25/115/4DP 93-11847-74941-2
30MM, 19MM shackle opening 110/30/119/DP 93-11847-74942-9
30MM, 19MM shackle opening, twin pack 110/30/119/2DP 93-11847-74943-6
35MM, 21MM shackle opening 110/35/121/DP 93-11847-74944-3
40MM, 23MM shackle opening 110/40/123/DP 93-11847-74945-0
40MM, 23MM shackle opening 110/40/123/2DP 93-11847-74946-7


Trade Pack


Description Part Number Barcode
20MM, 11MM shackle opening (KEY #232) 110/20/111/KA2 93-11847-77952-5
20MM, 11MM shackle opening (KEY #343) 110/20/111/KA3 93-11847-77953-2
20MM, 11MM shackle opening (KEY #443) 110/20/111/KA4 93-11847-77954-9


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