Lockwood 9500/9600 Series Rim Type Panic Exit Device with Mortice Lock

Lockwood 9500/9600 Series Rim Type Panic Exit Device with Mortice Lock
Lockwood 9500/9600 Series Rim Type Panic Exit Device with Mortice Lock

Lockwood 9000 Series Panic Exit Devices are available in a range of functions. Mechanism design ensures easy installation, clean styling and ease of operation. Suitable for single or double doors.

The Lockwood 9500/9600 Rim Type Panic Exit Device is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Lockwood 3572 High Security Cylinder Mortice Lock and Lockwood 1800/2800 Series Brass Door Furniture.

An additional benefit of this will enable the designer/specifier the convenience to use the same Lockwood brass lever/knob designs that have been selected for the project.

Inside: “exit by” rim device operates mortice lock.
Outside: “entry by” lever/knob operates mortice lock.

Features of the 9500/9600 Series Rim Type Panic Exit Device with Mortice Lock

  • Deadlatching on all bolts
  • Safety clutch outside lever trim plate protects the unit from damage that could render the device inoperable
  • Adjustable on site
  • Automatic top and bottom latches maintaining the bolt drawn in when the door is open (vertical version)
  • Surface mounted for ease of installation
  • Pick resistant bottom latch

All models are suitable for left handed doors (L/H), each kit contains a conversion kit to change to right hand door (R/H) applications.


  • The body is manufactured of steel
  • Internal mechanisms made of steel or brass
  • Main cover made of decorated electroplated steel pressing
  • Secondary cover made of decorated Zamak
  • Horizontal bar made of decorated steel
  • Lever plate operating mechanism is made from electroplated steel pressings with high density zinc alloy cover

Made of double chrome plated steel

Auxiliary Bolt
Made of double chrome plated steel

Door Thickness

  • Standard 35 to 45mm doors
  • Extended spindle kit for up to 90mm doors
  • Mortice lock version 32 to 48mm doors specify door thickness when other than standard.

Product Width

  • Standard maximum 838mm to suit (900mm) door
  • 1141 to suit (1200mm) door

Door Stile
Suitable for both 90° and flush head door stiles minimum head clearance requirement of 30mm.

Outside Trims

  • Key entry, key entry with pull plate and key/ lever entry with mechanism safety override
  • Hold-back (dogging)
  • Euro cylinder key hold-back available on all types
  • Hold-back is not an approved function on fire doors

Standard Finishes

  • Body – Silver, Powdercoat
  • Touchbar – Black, Powdercoat


Standard Keying

  • Cylinders, if required, are to be ordered separately
  • Supplied individually keyed with two keys per lock
  • 78,000 key combinations
  • Key blank KB2015P

Restricted Special Keying

Lockwood locks can be keyed to a number of controlled and/or specially keyed systems. These range from legally protected keys to protect against unauthorised duplication, which can also include specially designed key systems such as master key systems, which allow for different levels of mechanical access control.

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