Lockwood 9300/9400 Series Electromechanical Vertical Type Panic Exit Device

The Lockwood 9300/9400 Electromechanical Vertical Type Panic Exit Device is designed for locking of emergency exits in accordance with BCA Standards D2 -21 (d) for Egress, Fire and Safety Regulations for Public Buildings. Provides a ready means of escape at all times by the single action of pushing on a horizontal bar fitted across the full width of a door.

Features of the 9300/9400 Series Electromechanical Vertical Type Panic Exit Device

  • Suitable for single and double door applications of 900 or 1200mm width doors
  • 9300/9400 adjustable on site
  • 9800 factory made to order

Door Height

Standard maximum height up to 2300mm, extension to 3000mm.

Installed with centre line of exit device at 1023mm above finished floor level.

The basic 9000 Series Horizontal Panic Exit Device is suitable for timber, metal and security glass doors with mid rail.

All functions are reversible and non-handed.

Deadlatching on all bolts.

Door Stile

Suitable for both 90° and flush head door stiles minimum head clearance requirement of 30mm.

Automatic top and bottom latches.
Pick resistant bottom latch.


The power supply must be regulated rectified DC voltage 24VDC or 48VDC +/- 10%

24Vdc +/- 10%, 145mA, 48Vdc +/- 10%, 73mA

Open/ Close Monitoring

Operational temperature range -20°c to + 60°c

Electroplated pressed steel

Double chrome plated Steel

Door thickness
35-60 mm Standard

Special keyed options available

Level S2 AS4145.2-1993

Level D3 AS4145.2-1993

9000/10SIL Lever Plate, 9000/15SIL, 9000/20SIL

Body -Silver Powdercoat, Touchbar - Red Powdercoat



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