Lockwood FLUID FE300 Series Exit Device Three Point

Accessory - Cylinder Dogging
Accessory - Cylinder Dogging
Accessory - External Lever Trim
Accessory - External Lever Trim

The next generation in the Lockwood Panic Exit Device range, the FLUID Series provides for the fundamental means of escape whilst offering a completely unique locking mechanism and design aesthetic. With this type of unique innovation, ASSA ABLOY continues to evolve in standardising the market. The Lockwood FLUID Exit Device range combines ergonomics and performance with a completely new type of axis mechanism and high security bolt system.


  • Brushed Stainless Steel Bolt
  • High level of resistance. Up to 500kg to each latching point.
  • Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
  • Auxiliary bolt activation from 1mm
  • Effortless opening < 20N required
  • Available in both vertical and horizontal latching positions in 2/3 point configurations
  • Bar can be cut down to 350mm
  • New fixing bracket and template design reduces installation time by up to 50%
  • Protect. Evacuating people safely
  • Secure. High vandal resistance
  • Optimise. A simple and efficient installation process

Standards and Compliance

  • Successfully tested on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905.1-2005. Fire Resistant Doorsets.
  • Conforms to the standards as setout in CE EN1125 -2008.


Cylinder Dogging

The Cylinder Dogging device is a simple mechanism designed to hold the push bar in the open position. Ideal for applications where access to the premises can be selected at any time and providing for a common thorough fare door. The Cylinder Dogging device can be ordered inclusive with the FLUID Exit Device or can be supplied as an optional accessory.

With the innovative locking mechanism integral to the FLUID Exit range, the latches are always retained behind their strike plate providing a positive latched state to the door as all times. The Cylinder Dogging option will not change the state of latch and for this reason, we are able to provide this option as successfully tested on fire doors for the first time.

*FLUID Exit Device can be ordered with Cylinder Dogging as standard. See Part Numbering guide.

Field Reversible
*Euro Half Cyl sold separately

Vertical Rod Extension Kit

For doors exceeding 2300mm in height, the FE0050SIL - Vertical Rod Extension Kit is designed as an addition to the vertical rod exit device and can be used in applications of up to 3000mm. To be ordered separately.

*when using an extension kit, please note that rod covers are not available for this kit.

Available in SILVER only. (Black & White finishes available on request)

External Lever Trim

The FLUID External Lever Trim provides for access externally as required by use of key to lock and unlock the lever handle.

Euro Profile Half Cylinder is required (not supplied).

Available in SILVER only. (Black & White finishes available on request)




FE  –  1  –  09  /  0  –  H  –  SIL


1 = Single Point
2 = 2 Point
3 = 3 Point

09 = 900mm
12 = 1200mm

0 = Standard
1 = Cyl Dogging

H = Horizontal Latch
V = Vertical Latching
M = Mortice Lock
ELM = Electric Mortice Lock

SIL = Silver
WH = White
BLK = Black


Description Part Number
3 Point Rim Exit Device 900mm FE309/0HSIL
3 Point Rim Exit Device 1200mm FE312/0HSIL
3 Point Rim Exit Device Cylinder Dogging 900mm FE309/1HSIL
3 Point Rim Exit Device Cylinder Dogging 1200mm FE312/1HSIL
3 Point Exit Device Vertical Latch 900mm FE309/0VSIL
3 Point Exit Device Vertical Latch 1200mm FE312/0VSIL
3 Point Rim Exit Device Vertical Latch Cyl Dogging 900mm FE309/1VSIL
3 Point Rim Exit Device Vertical Latch Cyl Dogging 1200mm FE312/1VSIL


Cylinder Dogging

Description Part Number
Cylinder Dogging Device SIL Euro (No Cyl) FE0010SIL

Vertical Rod Extension Kit

Description Part Number
Vertical Rod Extension Kit 3000mm

External Lever Trim

Description Part Number
FLUID External Lever Trim (No Cyl)


All 2 & 3 Point FLUID Panic Exit Devices come with rod covers as standard for optimal aesthetic appeal.

The FE Three Point Series is a triple point locking device which provides for an escape function at all times by way of pushing a horizontal bar fitted to the door.

For single or double leaf doors up to 2300mm. To suit two standard widths 900mm & 1200mm doors. Cylinder Dogging optional. Note: Euro Profile Cylinder sold separately. Vertical Rod Extension Kit available for doors up to 3000mm. Vertical and Horizontal latching options available. Rod covers included.

For applications requiring an external trim, please order separately FE5000*** Series Trim Kit.

For 2/3 point combination devices using Vertical and Horizontal latch solutions, please order the following separately:
- FESP0045 Horizontal Latch Assembly
- FESP0046SIL Horizontal Latch Cover SIL LH/RH

External nightlatch (cylinder only) available Dec 2017

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