Lockwood T-Lock


The Lockwood T-Lock offers the flexibility of a keyless entry locking solution whilst providing wireless ZigBee network connectivity to integrate to Telstra’s Smart Hub. It features a master pin code that controls up to 250 user codes, voice guided programming, low battery warning and many more features for your safety and convenience. Ideal for use on new doors or as a replacement on an existing door lock on your home, the Lockwood T-Lock is also suitable for internal and light commercial doors such as storerooms and shop fronts.

Why choose the T-Lock?

Safety - Never carry keys
Keyless PIN code access ensures security whilst away and allows people entrusted with a PIN code to gain entry with the simple push of a button.

Security - Resting easy all night long
Privacy mode provides ease of mind by disabling the keypad to ensure that no one can enter the property from outside while you are sleeping.

Remote Management - Remote access control
The T-Lock status can be viewed and controlled via a PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone running the Telstra’s Smart Home App. Simply lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world.

Receive a text message or email alert when the door is accessed to know that your loved ones have arrived home safely (when integrated with Telstra's Smart Hub).

Convenience - Trigger other devices
Integration with Telstra’s Smart Hub will enable you to turn on other devices when you open the door using your unique PIN code including:

  • Unlock all doors
  • Turn on the interior house lights
  • Adjusts the thermostat to 21°C

Lock Functionality

Wireless Network Connectivity
This product can be integrated with Telstra’s Smart Hub when used with ZigBee wireless network module. When connected to a network the lock can be controlled remotely.

Illuminated touch screen keypad
The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons which means no trace of your secret pin code.

Pin Code Allowance
One master pin code will manage up to 250 user codes when used with a wireless network module or 25 user codes when not networked.

Voice Guided Programming
Voice Guided Programming will audibly provide step by step programming instructions.

One Touch Locking
Conveniently lock your door by simply touching the keypad or use the automatic locking function.

Low Battery Warning
When battery power is below 30%, the low battery icon will begin flashing.

Tamper Alert
An audible alarm sounds if attempting to forcibly remove outside lock from door.

Automatic Re-locking
This selectable feature will automatically extend the bolt into the locking position after a 30 second delay.

User Interface Functionality

View/Change Lock Status
The lock status can viewed or changed on a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC running Telstra’s Smart Home App. From anywhere in the world, remotely unlock the door for a neighbour or a caregiver.

Set-up each lock and control the management of users on every door where a T-Lock is installed.

View the history of who comes and goes at each door.

Trigger other devices
Use the lock to trigger other devices within the building such as lights, thermostat, alarm system and more.

Text/Email Alerts
Receive text/email alerts when the kids get home from school

Available functions may vary based on your home automation device.

Digital Screen Touch Digital Touch Screen
Illuminated Keypad.
Batteries Included Batteries
Wireless Network Wireless Network
The ZigBee wireless network module integrates T-Lock with Telstra’s Smart Hub.

25mm latch hole and 54mm lock hole

Front & Back Escutcheon
High purity zinc alloy

Back Plate
Hardened steel

Adjustable 60mm or 70mm

Zinc alloy 25mm projection

Internal thin doors
Plastic gasket (32mm-36mm)

External thick doors
Rubber weather resistant gasket (37mm - 50mm)

Satin Chrome

What do I need to control T-Lock?
  1. Lockwood T-Lock with a ZigBee network module.
  2. PC, Tablet or Smartphone with Telstra’s Smart Hub App.
  3. Telstra’s Smart Hub.
  4. Internet access.
  5. Other Telstra’s Smart Hub devices to be controlled within the building.
Where to buy?

Approach your nearest Telstra shop or visit the following web page:


Where to buy?

Find your local Lockwood stockist.