Victoria Power Industry Locks® are specially designed to allow power meter readers access, for this reason key control security is tightly maintained.

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To order additional copies of your keys you will need to provide both your key number and security card number supplied with your lock. Registering your details provides a back-up in the case you lose either your key or security card. If you have not registered and you lose your key or security card you will not be able to order additional keys.



Replacement Key Requisition Form

Detail Update Form

Replacement Security Card Requisition Form
If you have registered you can use a current energy statement and provide your security card number to have another key cut. You will need to fill out the Replacement Key Requisition form to supply with your order. If you wish to update your details please fill out and return the Detail Update Form. If you require a replacement Security Card you can fill out and return the Replacement Security Card Requisition Form and a new card will be mailed to you.

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