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Explore our range of door stoppers to find the perfect solution for your door.

The function of door stop closers is to ensure doors close automatically. In this article, find out about our range of door stoppers designed and manufactured to exacting standards and what type of door closer stopper best meets your requirements. 

Lockwood is a leading brand in the Australian locking industry. We aim to manufacture premium products and provide a wide range of locking solutions for residential housing, commercial building and industrial applications. All our products including door closer stoppers are backed by the Lockwood 25 Year Mechanical Warranty.

Our range of door stop closers are listed below.

Lockwood Door Closer

Door Stoppers Range

We have a wide range of door closer stopper solutions for a variety of demands and door environments including: 

  • Fire control

  • Security

  • Privacy 

  • Environmental requirements

Our range of door stop closers include:

Lockwood Black Door Stop Closer

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