Will I be locked out if the batteries go flat on my Nexion Keyless lockset?
No, the lockset can be operated with the standard keys provided.

Can I use rechargeable or Lithium batteries in my Nexion Keyless entry lockset?
No, rechargeable & lithium batteries do not have enough voltage force to throw the locking bolt.

Is there hard-wiring required for the Nexion Keyless entry lockset?
No, the Nexion Keyless entry lockset runs off 4 good quality AA alkaline batteries.

Can I purchase a mechanical Nexion and then add the electronic parts to it in the future?
No, you can replace the Mechanical with the Keyless, but you can not just add electronic components to the Mechanical version.

If I lose one of the remotes to my Nexion Keyless Lockset, can someone get in easily?
No, you can quickly re-program the Nexion and the lost remote will no longer operate the lock.

What is the range of the remote control?
Approximately 3 metres depending on the environment and battery strength, for example if there is a metal screen door installed in front of lockset, the range will be reduced.

The remotes will not operate my Nexion Keyless lockset.
Either your batteries are flat or incorrectly fitted. The remotes may not have been programmed in properly or it could be an alignment or installation error.

How easy is the Nexion to fit to a door?
Preparing the door for fitting the Nexion is aided through the use of a metal drilling template which is provided in each pack and when used in conjunction with the supplied instructions ensures that all holes are correctly placed. Handing of the lockset is also easily changed with no disassembly of the lockset required.

Can the Nexion be fitted in a new installation only?
No, the Nexion can be retro-fitted over many standard locksets.