Why is the bolt shorter on the Paradigm in comparison with other deadbolts?
The Paradigm bolt is actually longer than the bolt on most deadbolts. To achieve the highest security levels and strength half the bolt is in the door and half is in the frame

When I am using the turn knob or the key the bolt is not throwing.
The bolt tailpiece has not engaged with the lock mechanism.

Do I need to fit the door frame strengthener on the Paradigm?
It can be fitted without the door frame strengthener, but you will compromise your security on the lock and it may not meet level S3 of the door lock standards.

Do I need to fit the anti-rotation pins when I fit my Paradigm?
Yes, if they are not fitted the lock if forced may rotate, causing damage and possibly unlock.

The Paradigm is not operating properly.
Check operation with the door open – if OK, adjust strike position on frame. Alternatively, check the correct length tailpiece has been used and that the lock has been correctly aligned during installation.