Keypad + RFID Escutcheons

The SMARTair™ Keypad Escutcheon is the ideal solution for doors that require elevated access control and security through multiple authentication. In addition to its high security mode, it can also operate as a simple keypad to maximise convenience and remove the need to have a credential to open a door. As a wire-free, battery-powered device, the Keypad Escutcheon is just as easy to install and operate as the rest of the SMARTair™ solution.

Mechanical features

  • Designed on the same platform as the standard Escutcheon to simplify installation and allow retro fit if required.
  • Models are available with, and without, key override capability, as well as being suitable for standard and narrow backset lock bodies.

Electronic features

Reader/Keypad module:

  • 12 button Piezo PIN pad has no moving parts so nothing to wear out.
  • 13.56 MHz, MIFARE® DESFire technology
  • Contact-less cards/tags
  • RFID distance: 10mm with standard cards
  • Programming device connection located on the front fascia
  • Indication light: Red, green and Blue LED lights up the whole keypad

Control Unit:

  • Non-volatile memory
  • Programmable in 3 modes: Normal mode - 1,500 users and 600 audit trail entries, Extended mode - 1,000 users and 1,000 audit trail entries, High traffic - All users of the installation have access and 1,000 audit trail entries, Real-time clock and calendar - 14 time profiles

Battery module:

  • 4 x AAA Alkaline battery
  • Estimated battery life: 70,000 cycles; 3 years in standby
  • Simple battery change; no dismounting required


  • 85% humidity without condensation
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 70°C
  • IP55 Rating optional

Item number

Product name


Update on Card, Keypad Escutcheon, NO K/O


Update on Card, Keypad Escutcheon, NO K/O, IP55


Update on Card, Keypad Escutcheon, 3572NOHD


Update on Card, Keypad Escutcheon, 3572NOHD, IP55


Update on Card, Keypad Escutcheon, 5582NOHD


Update on Card, Keypad Escutcheon, 5582NOHD, IP55

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